Kanken backpack was launched to spare the backs of school children

The Fjallraven Kanken Backpack is a laptop backpack for work, school, and travel. The classic Kanken in looks, but kicks it up a notch with a dedicated laptop section that is padded for protecting up to 17 inch machines. The main compartment zips opens completely to reveal all of your gear inside without having to root around in a dark cavern. The durable Vinylon-F takes on bumps and bruises as well as provides weather resistance for the outdoors. The front pocket zippers in smaller items so they don’t go missing and the side slot pocket provides quick access to maps or maybe an umbrella. The shoulder straps are padded to make the load a little easier to carry from place to place, or grab the top straps for side-carrying action.kanken-backpack

More than 50 years ago, in fact in 1960, ake Nordin from Sweden, started a company he called Fjallraven. Since then they have been developing outdoor equipment and clothing with the goal of making nature more accessible for more people. From a small cellar in ?rnsk?ldsvik Sweden and a wooden backpack frame, Fjallraven has expanded their operation and sales to all corners of the world.

The Kanken is Awesome! I love everything about it. The bag feels cheap but the more you use it, the more you appreciate the classic/modern look and it’s durability. The Kanken Classic is somewhat small but it can hold quite a bit. It ‘s perfect for work or to take on vacation. It can easily handle lunch, water and a layer in the main compartment leaving you space in the exterior zippered pocked and also room for a tablet, book or small laptop in the interior sleeve. Fjallraven Backpack has been using the Vinylon F fabric since 1978 so you know it can handle most anything.

Last month, my partner gave me a Fjallraven Kanken rucksack for my 30th birthday, and I have to tell you about it, as this is a classic amongst the eco-designs nowadays. I first spotted these slightly odd-looking bags in London many years ago, and learnt that they are a Swedish product, designed to last forever. When I received one in the mail recently, I got to know it a little better.Fjallraven is that Swedish company with the cute Nordic Fox as their logo, and an unpronounceable name.Kanken-Backpack-Pink

What I really like about this bag is its simplicity in design and appearance. The backpack straps can be snapped down against the back face of the bag to stay out of the way if you want to carry it like a briefcase. Also the bag’s upper handles can be snapped together when you want to keep things nice and clean, or I’ve even used it to stow a jacket or extra layer there if I needed to have it easily at hand.

The Fjallraven Kanken Backpack is modeled after the classic bag that Swedish kids carried to school in the 70s. It’s built with durable Vinylon fabric, which offers moisture resistance to keep the contents dry. The Fjallraven Kanken has both carry handles and backpack straps, giving you choices when transporting your stuff. Keep in mind the water repellency of this bag does wear out over time, but you can refresh it with Fjallraven Greenland Wax, or a similar canvas wax. Overall, this is a durable bag that will last for years, and is great for use in commuting to work or school, or non-technical, light day hikes.

The first time I saw this bag was a couple of years back when it first started popping up where I live. Noticing its compact size, boxy appearance, striking logo (which I later found out is actually a reflector) and unusually large handles, I thought to myself, how cute! I want one!  It’s a quality product that will last you. It’s my third year owning this backpack and it’s going on strong. Very often I’ll read/watch reviews that claim it lasts them a good 10 years. That is awfully rare for a fashionable bag.Kanken_Black_Back

Every generation of Scandinavian Kids have worn Fjallraven’s Kanken since it debuted in 1978. The classic design is the same today as it was back then, and remains just as popular. For school, day trips, or biking to work the Kanken makes a lifelong companion of a backpack. You probably knew this going into this post, but I’m already a big fan of everything Fjallraven, and the Kanken is no exception. No matter what your intended use, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll fall in love with the Fjallraven Kanken just as much as I have. It’s durable and waterproof, has plenty of interior storage space despite its compact appearance, and is currently (and for good reason) one of the hottest bags on the market.

The Fjallraven Backpack is constructed from durable, lightweight and waterproof Vinylon-F fabric and features a spacious main compartment with a large zipper opening. With two additional side pockets and a further zipped pocket on the front, the bag is easily transported either with the narrow shoulder straps or the top handle. A detachable EVA seat pad can be found inside, whilst the Fj?llr?ven logo on the front transforms into a reflector for optimum safety.

Welcome to my (hopefully much anticipated) Fjallraven Kanken backpack review! If you’re already familiar with the Fjallraven brand and the Kanken backpack in particular, you may want to skip ahead to the actual review portion of this post. If you’d like to learn a little more about the company and the bag’s history, sit back and read on :-).fjallraven-kanken-mini-backpack

The sizing is perfect for the urban commute — it fits my 13 inch Macbook Air (be sure to use a laptop sleeve for extra protection though), water bottle, mini-umbrella, makeup bag, wallet, and notebook with room to spare. The front pocket is great for stashing a metro pass for quick access. The not-too-big, not-too-small sizing of the Kanken Classic is lovely, because you can securely bring your essentials to work without being the dick on the train whose bag smacks fellow passengers at every stop.

Fjallraven Kanken: There is more than meets the eye. The Fjallraven brand carries both men, ladies and kids products ranging from camping gear, outdoor terrain wear, hats and other accessories. The Kanken backpack is just one category under the equipment section, which also houses technical backpacks, duffle bags, tote bags, rucksacks and briefcases.

Today this is the in-thing in my area. It’s so popular you’re unlikely to spend a day out without seeing at least one person sporting this Swedish designed backpack. The Fjallraven bags look well designed, quality manufactured, and are fashion-forward. Anything with qualities such as these warrants admiration and appreciation. Thank you for sharing! Although Fjallraven’s upland aesthetic was easily adopted by discerning Northern casuals, its Kanken backpack has a cult following nationwide – and not just with men. Kankens have become a sort of fashion equivalent of the VW Type 2 camper van.Fjallraven-Kanken-Bag

I love my Kanken- it wears like iron. The only thing I can compare it to is the old MEC backpack that I had for 10 years (though I did get the kanken at wholesale price, so that made it an easier decision for me). Old batches comes with yellow and brown tags (as pictured below). The new batches often comes with brown tags only. Also, the plastic wrap should have a sticker of barcode with color name and coding (coding should be the same on the brown tags, white tag attached to bags inside and on plastic wrap).

Many already know that you can wax your G-1000 garments with Greenland Wax to adapt the garments. But how do you handle hybrid trousers like the Keb Trousers? Durable outer. Grab handles. Adjustable shoulder straps. Brand patch. Exterior pocket. Zip around closure. Wipe with a damp sponge. H: 38cm/15″ w: 27cm/11″ d: 13cm/5″. Can hold up to 16 litres. Main: 100% other fibres. H: 38cm/15″ w: 27cm/11″ d: 13cm/5″. Can hold up to 16 litres. Wipe clean with a damp sponge.

Previous bags of mine would become annoyingly shapeless and floppy when there wasn’t much stuff inside to keep it up. The Kanken’s boxy structure and relatively stiff material keeps it in good presentable shape. Many of my friends initially scoff at its size, but once I open my bag their jaws drop at the amount of things it contains. Plus, I tend to overpack, so this acts as a good control.kanken-back-pack

On the road, Type 2 drivers will give a friendly nod to each other, but without the protection of a windscreen to offset social awkwardness, Kanken owners tend to stare at each other, a bit like dogs on leads. They have one thought: “What events in life have led you to your backpack?” Kanken owners consider themselves rucksack rebels, revelling in the fact that they stand apart from the more commonplace easy-to-purchase Eastpaks, Jansports and Karrimors.

Classic Kanken backpack with zipper that opens the entire main compartment. Very hardwearing vinylon fabric. Inside pocket with seat pad. Simple shoulder straps and handles on top. Reflector in the logo. Straight backs are happy backs. Kanken was launched in 1978 to spare the backs of school children. Back problems had begun to appear in increasingly younger age groups and shoulder bags were popular. Kanken has many simple, clear functions. The backpack soon became a common sight at pre-schools and nature schools around the country.Kanken-bag-Yellow

I ordered two of these small back packs for a recent trip to Disneyland; one for our five year old son, and the other for our three year old daughter. They were the perfect size for a day’s essentials, including a water bottle, a change of clothes, a jacket, some snacks, and a package of baby wipes. The backpacks are very sturdy with heavy duty zippers, and wiped clean easily. They are small enough that they would be difficult to overpack and become to heavy. An added bonus?

Kool for Kanken Kindergartner… Best thing to me about this pack is the quality and material. This polyvinyl will keep your stuff protected, shed that early morning rain heading to school and keep those show-and-tell dinosaurs safe. Great fit for my little one and he loves the classic UN Blue. You can also purchase some accessories from Fjallraven to add some more to your pack. Shoulder straps and a sternum strap with a whistle! The Fjallraven is quality, durable products that don’t disappoint from generations of experience.

I have googled this before asking the question. All i could find are stores that ship them to Australia. I’m asking because the locals might have more knowledge of stores that carry the brand. i’m going to Sydney and was hoping to pick one up. fjallraven-kanken-classic-backpackThis pack although somewhat small actually fits a lot of what I have for school or for trips. I can fit my laptop and binders even my tablet. For travel it is easy to carry around like if I don’t want to carry on my back I can close the straps and hold it by the top handles. A good buy for my needs. 🙂

So what’ so special about the Kanken bag? It’s iconic rectangular shape with handles at the top makes it easy to spot and hard to miss. The brand logo is round and visible from far. Available in classic, mini, big and maxi sizes and myriad of colours (THAT specific colours from the Pantone swatch, designers might call it), I love the way the Swedish thinks. One important factor when buying a bag is its weight. The heavy canvas of my tote bags annoy me enough to forgo their convenience and style. The Kanken on the other hand uses a lightweight fabric called Vinyl F.

I disagree strongly with the Eastpack. While, as mentioned in an other comment, my Kanken is still going strong, the Eastpack i bought to keep the larger books that could not fit in it only lasted five years. The comfort is as with most kanken mini backpack without a waist band, and for a bike ride of ~10 km it is fine, from my experience. With regards to the design, it is not designed to look “ironic” or “good”, it is designed to be a “cheap” backpack in a quality so that it can last 10 years for a student, and without the shoulder strap that was common in the 70’s, but caused backaches.fjallraven-kanken-laptop-backpack

Vinylon F (a natural fibre) does not need a waterproof coating like many natural fibres. Vinylon F swells like a natural fiber, thus making the weave more dense when it’s raining. This gives the fabric waterproof qualities by construction, eliminating the need for a coating. Stylishly compact backpack for everyday use, the Fjallraven Kanken rucksack features an extremely durable Vinylon exterior and includes an internal pocket with a foam pad that allows the pack to doubl…

And in response to a growing public concern over a report that stated nearly 80% of Swedes suffer from back pain at some point during their lives, Fjallraven – in association with the Swedish Guide and Scout Association – designed the Kanken. The bag, which helped improve posture among both children and adults, redistributed weight better than existing bags, spreading across the full back rather than weighing down fully on the upper shoulders.

The Fjallraven Kanken Backpack was made in Sweden in 1978, in a reaction to the popular shoulder bags that ruined children’s back while going to school. The pack was affordable, functional and had plenty of space for school children’s books and binders. It relieved them of most back pains and even corrected their posture! The Fjallraven Kanken was originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, and has become a beloved icon for kids and adults around the world. Durable Vinylon F material repels moisture better than any other synthetic fabric, while the vast color palette complements every task and style.kanken backpack review

The product hasn’t changed much over the years, except that you can now get it in a whole range of colours and models (a bigger version, a mini version and a laptop version)… and today on The Travel Tester “Things That Tick Thursday’s”, I’m taking you on a short review.

Let’s get this straight: Kanken does not have any “factory rejects” out for sale. They do have an outlet, but the kankens there should look every bit like the real one, so don’t buy from anyone claiming they have supplies “direct from the factory”. Oh hell no they don’t. Nearly 40 years later, the Fjallraven Kanken laptop is not only one of the most popular bags in Sweden, but also one of the most sought after backpacks throughout both Europe and North America. Very little has changed with the Kanken since it was first introduced in 1978, and Fjallraven owners all over the world continue to swear by the iconic backpack’s classic functionality and timeless style.

Together with the Swedish Guide and Scout Association, Fjallraven managed to introduce an affordable and functional backpack on the market in 1978. This also triggered debates around society’s back problems amongst experts and even the general public. Vinylon F fabric is exceptionally durable and water resistant for reliable day-to-day use, Top carry handles and shoulder straps provide versatile carry options, Removable seat pad gives you a comfy place to sit while waiting at the bus stop or lunching outside, Front zippered pocket provides quick access to essential items.fjallraven-kanken-classic-black-backpack

Tell you something, my whole school is carrying Kanken bags, I’m not bluffing. My friends kept asking me to get a Kanken bag. But the same issue can be seen from another framework. Consumption patterns have changed, people are seen as dupes of pop culture, buying into brands, advertisement and marketing without understanding the true/real value of the product they purchase. Not only will you look stylish using the Photo Insert with your Kanken Bag. It also means that unlike a traditional camera bag or rucksack, when your camera is tucked up inside, you are not advertising to the world that you are carrying expensive photographic equipment.

Although Fjallraven’s upland aesthetic was easily adopted by discerning Northern casuals, its Kanken backpack has a cult following nationwide – and not just with men. Kankens have become a sort of fashion equivalent of the VW Type 2 camper van. On the road, Type 2 drivers will give a friendly nod to each other, but without the protection of a windscreen to offset social awkwardness, Kanken owners tend to stare at each other, a bit like dogs on leads. They have one thought: “What events in life have led you to your backpack?” Kanken owners consider themselves rucksack rebels, revelling in the fact that they stand apart from the more commonplace easy-to-purchase Eastpaks, Jansports and Karrimors.Kanken-Backpack-Brick

Specifically designed to fit the Kanken Classic Backpack and Kanken No.2 Backpack – see these Fjallraven products here, Helps create a stylish DSLR Camera Bag Holds DSLR camera, extra lens, memory cards, filter etc, Padded front for protection, Zippered box for small stuff included, Sold as a separate insert – Kanken Bag not included,UK & INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

One of the main problems with casual fashion is that the Iberian peninsula and, by association, South America, holds too much sway over the way the British dress. Where once our fashion pointers were derived from. Since the 50ies, they produce “functional equipment for more – and more comfortable – journeys in the outdoors”. Products excel in durability and functionality. The founder ake Nordin, designed the Kanken rucksack in the 70ies, as a solution for kids to carry their folders to school without braking their backs.